Blueberry Haven is a naturally-grown  U-Pick blueberry farm located in Kelowna, BC. It is a 2nd generation  family-run operation with approximately 1200 bushes. The main variety is Bluecrop with a few other species for cross pollination. Generally the season runs through July and August.


We also have grapes with a good variety of blue (Coronation), red (Sovereign Opal), green (Himrod) and pink (Champagne) that are all seedless. All without spray, of course! They are really quick and easy to pick. The grape season runs through September and October.


Payment can be made by CASH or CHEQUE (with current ID) only ... due to the shortness of our season we don't accept credit or debit cards.


We want to thank everyone for coming out! Without your support, we couldn't continue to do what we do.